Moniviikko is an event where multiculturalism becomes visible and accessible to all.


Visible and prosperous multicultural Helsinki


If you want to participate as an organisation and make the Multicultural Week better, please fill out the application via the link below. We are always open and happy for new participants!


The purpose of the event is to promote equality and the community in Helsinki. We want everyone to have the opportunity to further enrich Helsinki's multicultural identity. Vision is Helsinki where multiculturalism is seen and recognized as wealth.


Moniviikko offers everyone a unique opportunity to experience the multicultural nature of Helsinki. Various cultural events and programs will be held in Helsinki all week from 02.12.2019 to 07.02.2019. We want to identify the features of different cultures.


Fri 06.12.2019

Sun 08.12.2019

Multicultural Independence Day

This year the celebration of Multicultural Independence Day will be held for the 13th time. The party will be held at Maunula House on Friday from 13.00 to 16.30. Multicultural Independence Day celebrates Finland's independence and diversity. This year at the festival you will see performances from different cultures. Cameroonian, Indian and Russian dances as well as Finnish and Chinese music will be performed.

Multicultural Christmas Ice Skating

In co-operation with the Railway Station Ice Park you can freely skate and enjoy glöggie.

Thu 12.12.2019

Building communication and cooperation between multicultural organizations

Under the guidance of NGO professionals, the challenges of multicultural civic engagement are explored and learned. How do I communicate my multicultural activities?

Fri 13.12.2019

Chasing dumplings: food as identity

Hosted by Moniheli Ry 17:00-18:00

Pelmeni, manti, momo or gyoza? Why is food so central to our identity? What is a ‘traditional’ or ‘authentic’ dish? Who has the right to innovate food? This talk explores food as a physical manifestation of our cultural identity.

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